Jessica Ward

As a political scientist, I was most interested in studying the behaviour of people and its interplay with social structures. My experience living on a self-organised collective farm taught me about the impact of social norms on our life. Patterns learned over life stand in the way of a free, open, honest contact.

I came to Radical Therapy (RT) and learned to change restricting patterns and strategies. Ever since, I've been enthusiastically practicing and spreading RT, using elements of it in my process facilitation. I then trained as a systemic therapist (GST)then as a developmental trauma therapist (NARM) with Dr. Larry Heller.


  • Born 1979 in France, English family roots, since 2002 living in /around Berlin
  • 2024: NARM Master Class (third year) with Dr. Larry Heller in Cologne
  • 2023: Polyvagal Foundations Training with Deb Dana's team (online)
  • 2019-2021 NARM training with Dr. Larry Heller in Cologne
  • 2012-2020 practicing, since 2015 giving training in Radikaler Therapie (in particular for women*: FORT):  Self-empowerment, change of oppressive patterns, body work, inner-child work, transactional analysis
  • 2015-2019 training as systemic therapist (GST): Work on inner parts, focus on resources, the client's relationships, sculpure work
  • Since 2015 practicing Mindful Awareness: Focus on the breath, on being in the present moment
  • Long experience with various self-organised groups (political network, collective farm, collective house, group therapy...)
  • Since 2009 parent of a child
  • Experienced with queer/ trans identities and non-conforming relationships
  • Since 2013 Diplom Politologin (FU-­OSI) and since 2003 translator (Paris 8)
  • Counselling in German, English and French







Sessions take place in Berlin-Lichtenberg.

Group processes also possible outside of Berlin.