Time & Money

I want to make my work available for people with varying resources. You can decide whether to pay the full fee or the reduced one.


Get in touch to make an appointment for a first phone conversation during which we can clear your needs. I do not charge you for this phone conversation, nor does it lead to any commitment.

one-on-one sessions

50-60 mins.

First session: 60,- Eur, reduced: 50,- Eur


Further sessions: 70,- Eur, reduced: 60,- Eur


Sessions cancelled less than 24hs before the appointment: 50,- Eur

For two people

For (ex) couples, relatives, friends, neighbours...

90 minutes

Fee: 120,- Eur

Reduced: 90,- Eur


Moderation or emotional clearing for families and groups: I will make you an offer after we have discussed the details.